Appraisal Types: Commercial, Industrial, Special Purpose, Multi-family, Development Land. We perform real estate appraisals only, no business valuation, equipment, or personal property appraisals. We perform appraisals for lenders, individuals, attorneys, accountants, public agencies, and other corporate clients. Services include appraisals for mortgages, estates, decision making, and partnership interests. We perform right-of-way appraisals for road and other public projects. For mortgage appraisals, all orders are to be coordinated with the lender. For single family residential appraisals, please contact Eenshuistra Appraisals at bill@appraiserbill.com.
    Coverage area:  We cover Lake, Porter, LaPorte, Newton and Jasper Counties in Indiana.  We will go to additional Indiana Counties for special projects.  We are only licensed to appraise in Indiana.  For other states please visit
                                               and go to the “Find an Appraiser” link.